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Innovation from Canon
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Faster Printing Speads Than Other Toner Based Systems
The TX-4000 is capable of printing 3, 44 inch wide sheets per minute. Output of this magnitude matches
plotters that cost 3 times as much.

TD Pigment Ink Set
The TX-Series has an  all new 5 color TD pigment ink set. This ink was
formulated to produced fine lines and sharp text on both injket and non-inkjet
paper. If you print on a water resistant media, you will have a printed drawing
that can withstand the conditions of an outdoor work site.

Multifunction Roll System
The optional multifunction roll system handles the paper
and enables a second roll of paper to be loaded onto the printer.

The Canon imagePROGRAFT Tx 4000 wide format printer
is the next standard in wide-format printing.

High Capacity Ink Tanks
Avaliable in 160ml, 330ml, and 700ml sizes. You can choose a size
based on your volume

Sub Ink Tank System
The sub-Ink tank system allows all of the avaliable ink in a tank to be used before it has to be replaced.

PF-06 Print Head
The newly desiegned PF-06 is a 6-channel print head with 15,360 nozzels. When you combine this with the high speed carriage and ink ejection, ink can be laid down with precision and alicrity.
Automatic Paper Loading
Paper is now loaded automatically in the new TX Series Printers
Once a roll of paper is place on the roll holder, the printer will
detect it, and begin to feed and adjust the paper  into optimal
printing position.

Why buy from Computer Zen?
Computer Zen believes in integrity,
honesty, and offering our products
at the best value for our customers.
We provide assistance in setup and
networking for our Canon products.
We also help customers with issues
regarding any Canon warranty
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