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In an increasingly digital world, reliable computer and IT services are crucial for ensuring smooth and secure operations, enabling productivity, and staying competitive in today’s fast-paced technology landscape.

Residential and Commercial Security Cameras and Doorbell Cameras, ,Door Access Control, Networking, WIFI, Fiber, Sound Systems, Computers, Cellphone Boosters and more.

Commercial Customers check out our AITelecom.org for unbelievable phone service and lower costs.

If you’re a schools be sure to check out K12.Tech for school technology including; security, smart panels, Intercom/PA/Bells, Phone Systems, STEM Education and so much more.

Education is very important to us and that’s why we sponsor the non-profit STEAMWorld.org 100% of our donation goes to support STEM & STEAM education in small rural schools. Please donate to STEAMWorld.org and help fund this important cause.

What We Offer

Every school or commercial entity is different. Knowing this, our team at Computer Zen believes in crafting a distinct workflow around the unique needs of your organization. As a full-service tech support supplier and store, we offer a dynamic combination of remote and on-site support, both of which can be further melded with your daily workflow. Moreover, our highly adaptable team can deliver quick adjustments or added support should your needs change in the future, making Computer Zen an ideal partner for all your communications and security needs.

Remote Support

Through our remote technicians, our team at Computer Zen can expedite the process of installing your system and keep it running efficiently. It takes only an internet connection to gain access to our expert team, and we will stop at nothing to set your systems on the right track. Via these tools, you can uncover affordable options for everything from antivirus and antispyware installations to product updates and in-depth security concerns. All told, our remote services offer high-end IT support at a fraction of the cost.

Site Support

From repairs to consultations, our on-site IT team can keep your technology systems running smoothly without the hassle of running them through a repair shop. No matter if you require weekly upkeep services, virus and spyware updates, or an in-depth installation, our experts possess the experience and resources needed to keep your systems running smoothly. Contact our team today for a detailed consultation to see which service aligns with your best interests.

Customer References

In the world of business, customer testimonials are like golden nuggets of trust. They’re the voices of real people who have experienced the magic of a product or service. These authentic stories weave a tapestry of satisfaction and success, offering a glimpse into how a brand has transformed lives or businesses. Customer testimonials not only showcase quality but also highlight the human connection between a company and its customers, creating a bond that goes beyond transactions and builds lasting loyalty.

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